Karen Belz
Updated July 25, 2017

We were pretty bummed when we heard that Amy Schumer had to drop out of the upcoming live-action Barbie movie. But we just found out that Anne Hathaway might take on the role of Barbie, so all hope is not lost. Nothing is official yet, but we’re sure that the creatives behind the much-anticipated film want to fill the lead character’s plastic shoes sooner rather than later.

The film, currently called Barbie, has been in the works for several years. Sony Pictures is attached to the project, which is reportedly being written by Sex and the City writer Jenny Bicks.

While Schumer initially signed on last year, she had to drop the role a few months ago due to scheduling conflicts.

The movie hopes to stay true to the brand, but with a bit of added humor. Since Barbie has literally done everything, we can’t even imagine how innovative the script must be. (And since Schumer was their original choice, we know the movie will incite a ton of laughs.) The film is also said to have a feminist spin, which we can’t wait for.

News of Hathaway being approached first came from entertainment newsletter The Ankler, but Entertainment Weekly talked to a Sony spokesperson who admitted that things are still in the early stages. Even if Hathaway manages to make the role work around her schedule, she still hasn’t officially accepted any offers.

We definitely hope that things work out, since Hathaway is such an ideal choice to play such an iconic figure.