C. Molly Smith
Updated Dec 21, 2017 @ 7:26 am
anna kendrick pitch perfect
Credit: Universal

As we’re sure you’ll recall, Anna Kendrick wowed the world with her now-iconic performance of “Cups” in the original Pitch Perfect. The song went on to come up elsewhere in the franchise — in bonding moments, and in jokes — and it became an internet and radio sensation. There’s no doubt about it, “Cups” was ,and still is, largely beloved and embraced by the public.

But, the question remains: How does Anna Kendrick *really* feel about “Cups”?

Like, where does she stand on it years after her OG performance? Does she hit next when it comes on nowadays, or does she jam out? We have questions, and we need answers. Thankfully, Kendrick delivered, and with complete and utter clarity at that.

Not only that, but Kendrick recalled a time in which “Cups” came on and she had to make it explicitly clear that she doesn’t ~jam out~ to it.

“They were really nice about it,” she continued, “but after a while, they kind of admitted like ‘Yeah, I thought that was pretty fucking weird that you were jamming out to ‘Cups.” I was like, ‘I wasn’t. I was not. That was not my decision, just so we’re all crystal clear.'”

BUT, we also understand how — now that the series is wrapping — hearing this particular song might make Kendrick’s co-star, Anna Camp, emotional.

“If it comes on [now], I get really sentimental about it,” Camp told HelloGiggles in another interview “I feel like if you asked me that question a year ago, I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, I heard it so many times.’ But now, because it’s coming to an end, you know, I get very sentimental and kind of want to hang on to everything that I can. And I’ll listen to it, for sure.”

We have to say, while we totally get where Anna Kendrick is coming from, we might align more with Anna Camp. Because, we’re going to miss them when they’re gone (sorry) from these movies. Translation: We want to relish in all the Pitch Perfect glory we can right about now, and that def includes “Cups.”