C. Molly Smith
Updated Dec 21, 2017 @ 7:05 am
Anna Kendrick
Credit: Universal

Now that, after five years, Anna Kendrick has completed the Pitch Perfect trilogy, you might be wondering — is she game for another trilogy? That would be aca-amazing because, hello, this is Anna Kendrick we’re talking about here and the more Anna Kendrick, the better. But the answer is…yes and no.

Yes, she’s game for another trilogy — so long as she doesn’t have to dance in it.

Hey, we’ll take it! But we have to admit, we’ll miss the choreography.

Now, Kendrick, of course, is no stranger to franchises.

You might remember her role as Jessica in the Twilight series? But now, she’s *starred* in a trilogy, and it has her feeling very familiar with her character, Beca — in the best way possible.

What’s more, she added that there were “lots of really rapid-fire changes, and it all happened really quickly, because we all know the internal logic of our characters.”

As if we weren’t already stoked, we can’t wait to see how all that plays out on-screen when Pitch Perfect 3 sings its way into theaters on December 22nd!