Credit: Amazon Prime

Whether you still cherish your American Girl dolls or have given them away to girls that will love them more, you have to add the latest American Girl flick to your must-watch list.

Yesterday, Amazon Prime dropped An American Girl Story—Melody 1963: Love Has to Win, a 48-minute movie about a 10-year-old black girl growing up in 1963 Detroit. The Melody doll is also new to the AG scene, hitting the market in August.

While the company has been putting out flicks for a while now, this one has an especially poignant theme about being black in America at the height of the Civil Rights movement.


The movie has several noteworthy talents on board, including the charismatic Marsai Martin, who you might recognize from her role as Diane Johnson on ABC’s Black-ish, in the starring role as Melody.The director is Tina Mabry, known for Mississippi Damned. Screenwriter Alison McDonald (also one of the executive producers) worked on the 2016 Roots revival, as well on Nurse Jackie and American Dad.


In the movie, Melody encounters fear and racism in her day-to-day life as a black student in an elementary school that is predominantly white — one schoolmate even goes so far to tell her to “go back to Africa.” Alison has also written in historically accurate events, such as the Birmington church bombing of 1963, in which four young girls were killed.

Another focal point of the film is the heartwarming mother/daughter relationship between Melody and her mom, played by Idara Victor (Rizzoli & Isles).

Credit: Amazon Prime

With both historical accuracy and rich emotional depth, this is a movie we can’t wait to sit down and watch.

Watch the trailer below, then catch the full flick on Amazon Prime: