Madison Vanderberg
Updated Dec 08, 2017 @ 2:20 pm

Everyone is buzzing about Margot Robbie’s new movie I, Tonya, which recreates the now-infamous 1994 figure skating nightmare between Tonya Harding and her competitor Nancy Kerrigan.

It was widely believed that Harding conspired with her ex-husband and bodyguard to injure Kerrigan’s legs, though Harding was only prosecuted for hindering the investigation and never served any jail time. The film takes a sympathetic look at Harding’s troubled life, and according to actor Allison Janney, who plays Harding’s mother, it leaves you questioning what you originally believed about Harding.

“I just wanted to give her a hug,” Janney revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show. “Back when we first heard about this story we were told what to think about her and we were told she was a villain. Actually, it was a lot more complicated than that, the story of what happened to her. And I think people come away with a lot more compassion for her.”

Degeneres echoed Janney’s statement and felt like the film changed her mind about Harding and the situation in ’94.

“I come away from [the film] thinking she had nothing to do with it,” DeGeneres added. “She had a very unfortunate situation in her life. Boy, she was so talented, she was so good, it’s really a shame, it just ruined her career.”

Harding attended the film’s Los Angeles premiere earlier this week, where she was embraced by Janney and the rest of the cast.

Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for NEON

Robbie relayed a similar message about the film last month at the New York City premiere:

I, Tonya opens in theaters on December 8th.