alicia silverstone 1
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Alicia Silverstone has been radiating nostalgia lately and we don’t mind one bit. When the Clueless actress attended the CFDA Awards, she instantly brought us back in time because her crimson gown reminded us of her character Cher’s Alaïa dress (the one she’s wearing when she gets mugged). Now, Alicia’s done it again: She posted a ’90s #tbt photo that has us totally wiggin’.

Here’s some context: In 1994, Alicia starred in Aerosmith’s music video for the song “Crazy.” Steven Tyler was the lead singer of Aerosmith and his daughter just so happens to be actress Liv Tyler – who was also in the music video alongside Silverstone. It was essentially like a Thelma & Louise recreation. Plus, this was Silverstone’s third time starring in an Aerosmith video, which happened because she caught famous music video director Marty Callner’s attention after starring in the movie The Crush. Many believe these three Aerosmith vids are the reason why Alicia was cast in Clueless.

Most importantly, Alicia and Liv have stayed friends since then, which means that we get to gush over their nostalgia-inducing #tbt photos. On Wednesday, Alicia posted this sensational side-by-side on Instagram:

Liv Tyler did the same and captioned the image: “Look who came to visit today!! 💗 The sweet and beautiful @aliciasilverstone Reunited and it feels so good !!!!! 💗💃🏻1990’s girls !!!!! 💃🏻💗

We love everything about this snapshot – especially the fact that these two are using their ’90s girl powers for good. To make this moment even better, we highly recommend that you take the time to watch this gem: