Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

This is basically our first look at Alden Ehrenreich being Han Solo. He’s not in costume. He’s not on a set. But you guys, that hair! Did Harrison Ford step out of a time machine and into our hearts? Because Alden Ehrenreich is totally doing him justice. We can thank Woody Harrelson for giving us this sneak peek of the Han Solo hair.

While in London, Harrelson reunited with his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence and director Francis Lawrence. He posted a photo of the happening to Instagram. Also pictured is Lawrence’s best friend Laura Simpson and be still our hearts…Alden Ehrenreich sporting the infamous Star Wars locks.

Now imagine this hair with the white shirt and the vest

Are you swooning? The look will be so spot on we can’t believe it! Luckily one more photo cropped up of Ehrenreich’s fluffy do’. JLaw’s aforementioned BFF Laura Simpson, ‘grammed a photo of herself and the Star Wars heartthrob playing croquet.

First of all, Han Solo playing croquet definitely needs its own fan fiction. Second of all, this photo is an even better look at Ehrenreich’s hair because LOOK! It’s sexily pushed back but still seemingly tousled. It achieves the very essence of Han Solo-ness (this is a word now). Plus look at his casual stance- hand on hip, pursed lips, taking in the scenery. This is perfect casting, truly.

We can’t WAIT for Alden’s shaggy mane to grace movie theater screens everywhere just so we can say “I love you” because he knows…He truly must know.

We are soooooo ready for this movie to get going!