Alyssa Thorne
August 25, 2017 1:08 pm
Brooke Palmer

Book your tickets out of Austin if you live there and have a fear of clowns ASAP. An Austin location of Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a “clown-only” It screening and we’re gonna take a hard pass on that waking nightmare.

Perhaps inspired by the success of the Wonder Woman women-only screenings, this new take on ~exclusive~ cinema experiences sounds a lot less empowering. In fact, it sounds literally horrifying. It’s as if somebody looked at It and thought hey, this could totally be more frightening. Let’s add clowns — and deep emotional scarring — to attendants. They’ll love that!

The Alamo Drafthouse’s website bills the requirements of the screening very simply.

The trailers for It have already creeped us out, so we’re expecting the movie to deliver on thrills, chills, and every ill in between.

Here’s exactly what the film (in theaters September 8th) is about:

We’re scared even just reading that. And that all-clown screening? Definitely not for the faint of heart. And that’s definitely us. We’d definitely faint.

But, if you are feeling game to put your clown-face on, we admire your bravery and best of luck. The screening is on September 9th, a day after It lands in theaters.