Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 06, 2016 @ 2:15 pm
Aladdin Screencaps 1
Credit: Disney

Remember back in 1992, when you saw Aladdin on the movie screen as a wee younging, and then had some ~feelings~ about Aladdin? We’ve all been there. We might still look at the cartoon character and sigh – ADMIT IT he was probably one of your first crushes (in the, non-real category).

A lot of these ~feelings~ were due to the fact that Aladdin was shirtless, save for a purple vest, because purple vests are a BIG THING in Agrabah. For the last two decades, he’s been hanging out in the Disney park wearing this purple vest, even though he also clearly had a beige shirt on underneath, because Disney is a family-friendly place, come on. But, his shirt was either undone, or unbuttoned.

Credit: Loren Javier/Flickr

Well, it appears as if that’s not a thing anymore. Aladdin isn’t just wearing a real shirt now, but he’s also wearing an entire overcoat and cape. It’s like, the opposite of Aladdin shedding clothes; instead he’s put more on.

Over the weekend, Aladdin debuted a brand new look at both Disney World and Disneyland. Princess Jasmine also got a makeover, and not wanting to feel left out, Genie clearly whipped up something for her main squeeze, too. Though he’s still Prince Ali, fabulously he, he just now looks different. And wearing way more layers.

This is clearly his “Prince Ali” look rather than his “street rat” (his words, not ours!!) look, but it appears as if this is ~THE~ new look for him. It also looks like he was clearly like, “GENIE, I wish to match Jasmine!!” and Genie was like “DONE.”

There’s obviously still a chance that we might see Aladdin out in the parks wearing his prior costume, shirt undone and everything, but start getting used to this new and improved Aladdin. Try your best to stay calm.