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One of Disney’s next animated-turned-live-action ventures, Aladdin, is shaping up quite nicely – Agrabah is clearly the place to be right now.

The film now has locked in all the major roles for the classic 1992 animated story: Mena Massoud will be playing Aladdin, Naomi Scott will be playing Princess Jasmine, Marwan Kenzari will take on the role of Jafar, and Will Smith has been cast as the Genie. However, if you ask me, none of the above are the real stars of the movie, as that title falls on the wisecracking, cracker-loving parrot sidekick, Iago.

Of “Calm yourself, Iago,” fame.

The role of Iago is not one to take lightly, as the bird is the heart and soul of the movie, or at least he is if you ask me. There is no Aladdin without Iago, and Disney (and director Guy Ritchie) should not take casting the role lightly. Also, just realizing for the first time that Iago better actually BE a real character with SPEAKING LINES, and not simply a silent seen-but-not-heard bird. It’s perfectly fine if the OG voice, Gilbert Gottfried, wants to reprise his role, but as for actual Iago in the movie?

Since I consider myself to be an Aladdin historian — since I saw the movie like, seven times in theaters in 1992, and once had a pretty cool Princess Jasmine bathing suit, and a fun stuffed Rajah — I am here to do the hard work for you, Disney, and have rounded up some parrots for you. You’re welcome. Please invite me to the Aladdin premiere.

This parrot

I don’t know where this parrot lives, or what’s his deal, but he looks pretty cool.

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This parrot pushing a shopping cart

Clearly, this parrot knows how to get shit done.


The audio-animatronic Iago from Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management

He already knows the character so well!

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This dog who, for some reason, has a parrot cut into his fur

I have literally so many questions about this dog, but he (or she) is a cute dog, so they can be Iago if they really want to.

Credit: VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Zendaya’s iconic parrot dress

I’d watch this movie.

Credit: J. Kempin / Contributor

This majestic blue parrot, who is also a pirate

I’d trust him with Agrabah.

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THIS parrot

I have a good feeling about this bird, he seems like he could take on the role.

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The parrot at the front of the queue for Pirates of the Caribbean

Keepin’ it in the Disney family.

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One of these two parrots on bikes

Just go with it. Iago and his stunt double.

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Disney! I’m here whenever you want to talk 😎.