Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 14, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
Adam Driver
Credit: LucasFilms

Each day, we get a little bit closer to the next installment of the Star Wars saga, the still-untitled Episode VIII. In case you’re wondering, it’s actually 456 days away, but not that we’re keeping track. Or thinking about it every single day (actually, yes and yes).

Details about the story are still being kept secret, but filming has wrapped and that means the movie’s cast is back out in the real world, compared to the Star Wars one. And yes, people have been bugging them about what we can expect from the next movie, which has some big stormtrooper shoes to fill considering how much we loved Force Awakens. The latest cast member to be asked about the movie — and spill the tiniest bit of information — is Adam Driver. AKA Kylo Ren. AKA, Ben Solo.

Though he still is keeping everything secret, he did share that Episode VIII is going to be just like another Star Wars sequel: Attack of the Clones!!

Credit: Lucasfilm/ giphy.com

JK. No, not that one. Never that one. He’s talking about the other second Star Wars movie, Empire Strikes Back.

Credit: Lucasfilm/ giphy.com

If Force Awakens was all fun and games until Kylo Ren killed his dad (and omg if that is a spoiler, where have you been?), it sounds like Episode VIII is going to take a few more dramatic turns. But don’t worry — it’s still going to be an ah-mazing Star Wars story.

Credit: NBC/ giphy.com

Learning more about Kylo Ren’s character? Like HOW AND WHY AND WHO TURNED HIM TO THE DARK SIDE? Gaaahhh, is it December 15th 2017 yet?