Credit: Warner Bros.

In the wake of last nights events, we all need a little dose of Harry Potter-related news. And oh hey, Entertainment Weekly let us know that Professor Umbridge actress Imelda Staunton hates Professor Umbridge just like everyone else!

Remember when we discussed what jobs “Harry Potter” characters would have if they existed in the Muggle world, and decided upon “Sadistic Dentist” for Professor Umbridge? Then there was the time J.K. Rowling gave us the best Halloween scare by writing a biography of Umbridge on Pottermore. Yup, people really despise her!

Talking about her evil character on EW’s Binge podcast, Staunton was completely honest.

If you’re wondering how on earth she got into the mindset of playing such a villain, Staunton revealed that she worked closely with director David Yates.

They would talk about the character and how she essentially promoted ethnic cleansing (aka, believes in the dominance of pure bloods), which led Staunton to play her as a lady dressed in “madness and cruelty.”

Staunton also admitted that the character was fascinating and difficult to play — especially the “I must not tell lies” detention scene with Harry.

Of course, being the brilliant actress that she is, Staunton played the role to perfection. Professor Umbridge is definitely one of the more unsavory characters in the Harry Potter universe…and the storywouldn’t be the same without her.