Jill Layton
Updated Dec 09, 2016 @ 3:49 pm
Credit: Universal Studios

The polar vortex. It’s coming. According to The Washington Post, this weather phenomena will effect this weekend, but by next Tuesday you’ll see temperatures below zero degrees! The polar vortex “will plunge south into the northern plains and Midwest, ” and “Over the course of a few days, the cold air will blast across the country to the Northeast.” Netflix and hot chocolate, anyone? We think yes. Here are some awesome movies streaming right now that you can start watching this weekend, because there is no way you’ll want to venture out into the cold.

1 Sixteen Candles

Credit: Universal Studios

We don’t need to tell you how good this movie is. Unless you’ve never seen it, then OMG WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? A polar vortex. Clearly you’ve been waiting for a polar vortex.

2 Love Actually

One of the greatest romantic comedies of all time, Love Actually is actually perfect. But you probably already know that.

3 Chef

Credit: Open Road Films

Chef is every chef’s dream scenario (or at least ours if we were chefs). Buying a food truck, going on an epic road trip and reconnecting with your son while simultaneously reconnecting with your passion for food? Yes, please.

4 Blue is the Warmest Color

Credit: IFC Films

Not one to watch with the kiddos, this three hour movie is a smart, beautiful, erotic and devastating love story of a lesbian couple. Did we mention it’s beautiful?

5 Wet Hot American Summer

The cult film is such a fan favorite, it’s now a series on Netlix. Thank you, movie gods. Thank you.

6 Milk Money

Credit: Paramount Pictures

This movie will make you want to grow up in the ’50s. It’s probably too late for that for most of you, so instead, just watch the movie and live vicariously through Frank, Kevin and Brad.

7 Scrooged

Credit: Paramount Pictures

It’s Bill Murray as a modern day (but really 1988) Ebeneezer Scrooge. Does anything else even matter?

8 Swingers

Credit: Miramax Films

With their breakout roles in Swingers, Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau are hilarious and charming, and pretty much the definition of “bromance.”

9 Saving Private Ryan

Credit: DreamWorks

Saving Private Ryan invites us into a mission to save one man at the cost of several, which brilliantly and excruciatingly opens our eyes to the realities of World War II.

10 Jaws

It’s cold outside. You’re clearly not going in the ocean anytime soon. So now would be a great time to watch Jaws without compromising your desire to take a swim in the ocean.

11 The Jungle Book

Credit: Disney

Just like the cartoon you remember from childhood, only realistic, stunningly beautiful and way more intense. Muster up the nostalgics with this one.

12 Clueless

Because Cher, Dionne, Tai, Josh and Murray make everything better.

13 Coming to America

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Because no must-watch movie list is complete without Eddie Murphy circa the ’80s.