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Updated Mar 07, 2014 @ 11:41 am

“Hoodie Season” for me isn’t just the transition from summer to fall. It’s an all year celebration. There is nothing better than a good hoodie. My favorite hoodie of all time is torn to shreds, but it’s still hanging in my closet, based on the fact that I just can’t part with it. Hopefully this isn’t the first sign of being a hoarder.

Here are ten amazing hoodies you should introduce into your wardrobe. Keep in mind, I’m very partial to hoodies with zippers. Not only are they easy to slip on and take off, but they don’t mess up your hair in the process.

I was kind of bummed out over those “Jennifer Love Hoodies” ads that Jennifer Love Hewitt made for Old Navy awhile back, but then I went to the store and realized that Karen Love Hoodies too. (I know, I know – that was lame.)

Lightweight hoodies are good for everything. Is your office cold? Do you want to dress down an outfit? Running over to the gym, and don’t want to bring your coat, because you just don’t trust those locker rooms? This hoodie is just ideal for everything.

There aren’t two words in the dictionary that fit together better than “casual” and “warm”. Being casual and warm reminds me of sweaters and fireplaces, which in turn, reminds me of hot chocolate and Christmas. All good feelings! Supplies are running out with this one, so grab it while you can.

I’d recommend not taking the advice of the model – please wear your hoodies with shirts. (Especially if you plan on leaving the house.)

If you’re a math geek, first let me tell you that I envy you. Seriously, I do! I’m not great with numbers, and think those who rock at math deserve a ton of praise.

Second, let me tell you about this pull-over hoodie. It’s clever, it’s cute, and it looks like you can very easily and comfortably fall asleep in it.

Listen. I don’t need to tell you why this hoodie rules.

One could easily wear this outside the house and not feel completely ridiculous. Just semi-ridiculous. In fact, I’m sure a bunch of fellow Star Wars fans will give you a thumbs up. Just make sure they don’t try and touch you. Yes – this hoodie is furry, so you might suffer from a few harmless yet awkward pets.

Based on zero scientific research, I truly believe that bright colors make you feel better. Especially when it’s so dark and unpredictable outside. What first grabbed my interest regarding this hoodie (besides being mustard yellow) is the fact that the hood can be stuffed into the collar, transforming it into a (passable) jacket. Also, the front zippers are perfect for runners – no more having to nervously tie your house key to your shoelace!

Pledge your allegiance to your favorite funny girls. I have the t-shirt version of this, and trust me – if I could make it warmer (and also had the chance to wash it regularly), I’d wear it every day.

If they were legitimate candidates, they’d get my vote. I mean, look how they made the Golden Globes a must-see event! Amy and Tina can do it all!

This hoodie, which is perfect for exercising, comes in two cute colors. I’m loving the trend of colorblock, and even when it stops being a “thing”, I don’t think it’ll ever truly date itself in years to come. While it’s a lightweight hoodie, it’s made of pretty strong materials, and also includes thumbholes. You never appreciate thumbholes until you’ve had them before.

I summoned my husband over to my computer screen, and silently showed him this picture. “Give that to me please,” I said like a weird spoiled infant. “It’s very cute – but would you wear it?” he asked. My response was a simple, slow head nod. Not only would I wear this, but I’d live in this.

I mean, is there anything better than Nyan Cat? Or Pop Tarts, for that matter?

If you’re looking for the best hoodie ever made, and cost isn’t an issue, consider buying a cotton fleece hoodie from American Giant. This company prides itself on having well made products, and their hoodies are no exception. Warm, comfortable, and well crafted. What more could you ask for?

I love owls. I love owls so much that I was thinking about getting an owl tattoo – and then Justin Bieber got one, and I was actually bummed out. I love owls so much that I forgot that I have zero pain tolerance, and don’t even really want a tattoo that badly. That’s how much I love owls.

This is the next best thing to an owl tattoo – multiple, wearable owls. And I just love the color combination of blue and brick red!

Where is your ultimate favorite go-to hoodie from? Do you own any of the hoodies on the list?

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