Jessica Ellis
December 25, 2016 8:01 am
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Classic holiday movies make us sing and dance and give us great gift-wrapping inspo, but the truth is, they’re sometimes at their best when they make us cry. With all the stress and anxiety that comes with this festive time of year, sometimes a good Christmas weeping session is just what we need before we can face our evening eggnog.

And boy, holiday movies are amazing at tugging our heartstrings. There’s even money that we cry more at holiday movies than at any other time during the year! But good crying, of course. Here’s just a few of our favorite weep-worthy moments in all our holiday favs.

1. Emma. Let’s just say it. Emma.

Love Love, Actually or hate it, one does not watch Emma Thompson confronting her husband about his affair and come out unscathed. This is 10/10 on weepy movie moments.

2. OMG the Dutch Christmas carol.

Miracle on 34th Street may not be the most emotional holiday movie on our list, but when Santa sings with the little girl from Holland, and her face lights up because someone understands her; no joke guys, we are ALREADY misty over here.

3. Hi Eli Wallach, thanks for the tears.

Yes, we recognize this moment happens approximately 45 seconds into The Holiday, but hearing Kate Winslet say “Sometimes, love is simply lost,” while the celebrated actor looks at the picture of his late wife ranks as somewhere around 14/10 for welling up.

4. Liam Neeson can’t be sad.

Another heavy hitter from Love, Actually, this one is extra-weepy if you remember that Liam Neeson himself lost his wife, Natasha Richardson, in a tragic accident. The grief we feel during the funeral scene is double-real.

5. Tom Hanks: ALSO not allowed to be sad.

Sleepless in Seattle isn’t technically a holiday movie, but a good portion takes place during Christmas, including this scene where Meg Ryan cries as Tom Hanks describes his late wife. STOP KILLING PEOPLE’S WIVES, HOLIDAY MOVIES.

6. Tiny Tim…we can’t even.


7. An angel gets its wings.

If you don’t get a little sniffly when the whole town comes together to save George Baily at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life, you just might be Mr. Potter.

8. Ho ho holy crap we’re sobbing now.

It really doesn’t get much sadder than a cancer-stricken friend dying during the holidays, but The Best Man Holiday gives us a poignant reminder that tragedy doesn’t care it’s Christmas. Hugs now, please.

9. “O, Holy Night” is here to destroy us all.

When you think Home Alone, you probably think “wacky comedy, kid beats thieves, John Candy polka.” THEN you remember the scene where Kevin’s lonely elderly neighbor listens to his granddaughter, who he’s not allowed to see, as she sings our most feel-worthy carol. That’s not a lump in our throat, it’s a boulder.

10. The three musketeers need to pass us all the tissue.

The movie: The Holiday. The players: two children who have lost their mom, Jude Law at his most charming, and Cameron Diaz with abandonment issues. The moment: The kids refer to themselves and their dad as “The Three Musketeers,” just like Cameron’s family used to. The result: maximum weeping and tent envy.

Man, can someone get us a box of Puffs Plus and five gingerbread cookies now? And please fast forward to the scene in Elf where Buddy finds out Santa is coming.

That’s better.