Scarlet Meyer
Updated February 19, 2017
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Sure, Disney’s Tangled came out in 2010, but we are just as into it as ever. The modern Rapunzel tale is all girl power, so we’ll never get enough of it. Tangled is a total fan favorite.

And there are all sorts of ways to honor the wonderful film, like these Tangled-themed birthday cakes.

They’re all super detailed and really fun, just like the movie itself. And since it’s hard to choose which one we love the most, here are ten of our favorites!

1 This super realistic Rapunzel-themed cake comes complete with a tiny Pascal!

We’re loving all the flowers and all the green space.

2 And of course “Tangled” needs castle-themed cake!

The fact that this is for a 22-year-old proves you’re never too old to love Tangled.

3 This cake has a very obvious theme and we are so “hair” for it.

Plus, the tower effect on this cake makes it especially cool-looking.

4 This cake is abstract and wonderful.

Using the crown, the corset, and the braid at the bottom is such a cool take on the movie.

5 This cake proves you can say a lot with very little.

Just having the royal seal is enough to show you’re a true fan.

6 You’ve got to love this mid-climb “Tangled” cake.

It really shows Rapunzel in her true rescue hero form.

7 This Rapunzel-themed mini torte is so cute.

There are so many details in each of these delicious desserts. We want a whole box, please.

8 We’re loving the realism of this “Tangled” cake.

Between the colors and characters, this looks straight out of the movie.

9 This “Tangled” cake is all about atmosphere.

The cake itself is so intricate, but we’re also giving major points to all the awesome Tangled-themed decorations in the background.

10 Everywhere we look, there’s a “Tangled” decoration on this cake.

All we can say is yum yum yum and yes yes yes!

So there you have it – ten Tangled-themed cakes that we want to bite into right now. We love all of these cakes, and would fight any number of witches and enchantments to get to them. Everyone of them is so creative, and really pays homage to how awesome the movie is. They’re certain to make anyone feel like royalty.