Every year, the Library of Congress picks 25 films for preservation by the National Film Registry. You’re likely thinking that a list like this would be made up of Oscar winners and critically acclaimed hits, that the Library of Congress would only pick hoity-toity, high-brow productions that capture the most sophisticated achievements of the human race. Well, that’s not exactly true, but we love the films they did pick even more.

This year’s biggest stand-out? Ghostbusters, directed by Ivan Reitman. “It’s an honor to know that a movie that begins with a ghost in a library now has a spot on the shelves of the Library of Congress,” he said in a statement. “It’s humbling to be part of a collection of extraordinary films that I have loved all my life.”

Perhaps the 1984 film was picked in anticipation of the upcoming reboot to make sure we never forget its roots, but either way, we’re pleased that one of our favorite throwbacks is getting the recognition it deserves.

It’s not the only feature film to earn a place on the shelves. Top Gun and The Shawshank Redemption are also among this year’s picks, as well as a few more curious, but awesome, choices.

For instance, there’s a five-second video of a sneeze. That sounds kind of ridiculous, but it history is pretty cool. It started as a series of images of a man sneezing that were later turned into moving pictures in 1953. It is the oldest surviving copyright motion picture and consists only of 81 frames (the clips plays twice).

Also among the choices? Disney’s The Story of Menstruation and one of the first widely-accepted LGBT movies, Portrait of Jason.Check out the full list here!

(Image via Columbia Pictures)