Erin Mallory Long
February 27, 2015 12:05 pm

Attention all fellow ’90s music fans: The soundtrack to the movie that will never get old, Clueless (hello?), is making a major comeback. In honor of the 1995 film’s 20th anniversary, the Clueless album—chock full of Jill Sobule, Supergrass and retro Radiohead—is being reissued on April 7th, according to Entertainment Weekly. The CD will essentially be the same, except it will feature a new yellow and black plaid face to match everything Cher Horowitz has in her closet.

BTB, I am currently dressed as Cher Horowitz as I type this:

So please understand how deep my love for Clueless runs. My friends and I famously performed “Kids In America” in Dublin during a semester abroad and if you’ve never gotten dressed and danced around to “Supermodel,” you are crazy. We even played “Need You Around” at my wedding because. . . well, because, duh, of course we did. If you need more proof that this WAS the album of the ’90s, please refer to the track list:

The Muffs, “Kids in America”
Cracker, “Shake Some Action”
Counting Crows, “The Ghost in You”
Luscious Jackson, “Here” (Squirmel Mix)
World Party, “All the Young Dudes”
Radiohead, “Fake Plastic Trees” (acoustic version)
Lightning Seeds, “Change”
Smoking Popes, “Need You Around”
Beastie Boys, “Mullet Head”
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, “Where’d You Go?”
Coolio, “Rollin’ with My Homies”
Supergrass, “Alright”
Velocity Girl, “My Forgotten Favorite”
Jill Sobule, “Supermodel” (Jill Sobule)

As you can see, the Clueless soundtrack basically defined an era. But, let’s be fair, ’90s movie soundtracks, in general, were a thing to behold. Movies really put their all into the album back then. Sure, I know movie soundtracks are still a thing. But in the ‘90s, I PRIMARILY listened to movie soundtracks, interspersed with Boyz II Men or Mariah Carey (or BOTH!). So in my quest to remind everyone about everything I was doing in the ‘90s, here are some other iconic movie soundtracks of the decade.

Waiting to Exhale

I’ve still, in 2015, never seen this movie but you better believe I listened to the soundtrack on REPEAT in my bedroom, while burning incense and feeling really dramatic, probably. I’m just saying, I’ve delivered some really intense renditions of “Not Gon’ Cry” in my childhood bedroom.

Romeo + Juliet

I exclusively say this movie title as “Romeo plus Juliet” and at one point, I wanted nothing more than to gaze at Leo through a fish tank. Actually, that’s still true. And I still would love to dress in Juliet’s costume from that scene. But this soundtrack is amazing. Now, I’ve definitely listened to “Lovefool” enough times to last a lifetime but it still brings me back to Romeo + Juliet, so I can’t hate it too much. And just looking at the words “Kissing You” made my eyes fill with tears.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Just reminding myself of the track listings on this one puts me in a good mood. I mean, THIRD EYE BLIND and BLINK 182 and SMASH MOUTH?! Give me a break. This is one of the most ‘90s things ever and I am so pleased I had it in my life.


I’m gonna get really real with you on this one, OK? Magnolia is one of my absolute favorite movies and part of that love comes from the soundtrack. I ADORE Aimee Mann and everything she’s ever made, so the music, and how it is used in this movie, is incredible to me.

Now and Then

This soundtrack is great, because it’s actually old songs. I still loved singing along to it, thus proving that kids will like anything good that you present to them. “Sugar Sugar” is still one of my favorite things to say and since I was already a huge “Daydream Believer” fan, I felt great about its inclusion.

Space Jam

I have four words for you: “For You I Will.” Remember when you couldn’t turn around without hearing a Monica song? Those were the DAYS, you guys. Unlike most people my age I think I’ve seen Space Jam only a handful of times but I LOVED the soundtrack. And never underestimate the excitement that will come from singing “I Believe I Can Fly” at karaoke.

Cruel Intentions

Never forget that we all love “Bittersweet Symphony” BECAUSE of Cruel Intentions. Sure, I remember the video and blah blah but I am only seeing this when I hear that song:

Couple that with Fatboy Slim and Marcy Playground and, as Monica Geller once said, “you’ve got yourself a party.”

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