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Hello. It’s all your favorite movie stars singing Adele’s “Hello” one word at a time. They’re just wondering if you’d like to check out this incredibly impressive mashup, that pulls words out of movies from Star Wars, to Wayne’s World, to Titanic.

YouTube user Matthijs Vlot has meticulously cut together over two-minutes of Adele’s chart topping ballad, and even though these characters can’t hit the high notes like she can, they’re striking a chord with our funny bone. Because come on, haven’t you been waiting for the E.T. cover of “Hello” this entire time? While he doesn’t sing the whole thing, we at least get his a quick “hello” from him. Sure, he’s talking to Elliot. And he’s also talking to everyone on the other side, too.

Along with there being a whole lot of Star Wars in this (Star Wars, so hot right now), there’s also so much Batman and Harry Potter, too. Also shout out to Gonzo from The Muppet Movie, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast, and Ron Burgandy. Great work, everyone.

Can you name all these movies? Check out the video below to see if you can, and are you hoping this crew gets together and re-records all of Adele’s 25? We’ll ask for it at least a thousand times.

Image via YouTube