Bob Belcher
Credit: Fox

Today is Father’s Day, and in honor of all those who have impacted our lives, we would like to take some time to thank more of the men who helped raise us — well, the fictional ones. Many of us grew up with a favorite dad from movies or television — and though it may seem silly, they taught us enough lessons that they are worthy of their own “Happy Father’s Day” shoutouts.

To the men who raised me, whether they knew it or not, I wish you a very happy day!

Here are some of the very best fictional Dads, expanding on our list of TV dads we want to thank.

Dan Conner

, Roseanne

Dan was loud, hilarious, and always straight forward. Though he could have a bit of a temper problem, he worked hard for his family, loved them as the individuals they were, and was always extremely supportive (and intimidating).

George Banks

, Father of the Bride

If you don’t also want Steve Martin to be your husband and/or some kind of pivotal figure in your life, you and I are not the same kind of person, my friend. George Banks is the best dad; the kind who has a hard time letting go of his daughter but only because he wants the absolute, 100% best for her. He is intimidating in an absolutely non-threatening way and he is also hilarious and kind. Best man.

Jesse and Joey, Full House/Fuller House

Let’s be real, they deserve to be lumped in with Danny. I truly believe I am the biggest Full House fan I can think of, which means I can earnestly say that none of these people could parent without the other. The trifecta of dads raising Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ (and kind of Kimmy) really rounded them out. And probably scarred them for life, though they all seem to be doing just fine these days.

Burt Hummel

, Glee

Ha! You guys thought I was done writing about Glee, didn’t you?? Well, I’m not. And my extreme bias aside, Burt Hummel is truly one of the best TV dads. Not only does he fully accept, embrace, and love his son when he comes out of the closet, he goes above and beyond his intensely masculine exterior to embrace Kurt for who he is. Even beyond that, Burt handles the death of Finn, his stepson, with determination, pride, and a ton of sorrow — something that must have been just as hard for Mike O’Malley as he struggled with the real life loss of Cory Monteith.


, The Lion King

We already know that Disney dads (and parents in general) have a tough go at it, but I think we can also agree that they are great while they’re still alive! Mufasa manages to teach Simba everything he should know about being a strong leader before his death. RIP, Mufasa.

Joe Kingman

, The Game Plan

Say what? You’ve never seen The Game Plan? Boy, do I have a great suggestion for you. (The suggestion is to watch it ASAP.) This movie came out long before we all collectively decided that Dwayne Johnson is the best, but some of us have known it all along. Joe (Dwayne Johnson) discovers he has an 8-year-old, and hilarity ensues! Also, he’s an adorable dad. (Though Dwayne Johnson is an adorable dad in literally every movie he’s in!!!)

Bob Belcher

, Bob’s Burgers

What a silly, adventurous, realistic dreamer of a man Bob is. I love how he loves his children, I love how he drags them along on any of his ridiculous schemes, and I love how dry he is. Would you actually want Bob as a dad? Probably not, but this is fiction after all.

Coach Taylor

, Friday Night Lights

HI, BYE, CAN I ACTUALLY WRITE THIS WITHOUT LUSTING AFTER ERIC TAYLOR? No, no, I cannot and will not. But really, he’s a fantastic dad — and tbh, he really has a tough daughter in Julie. Gracie Belle is a tiny angel, but Julie is rude, disrespectful, and a pretty typical teenage girl. Eric is a great dad to her, to the little one, and to literally every human on his team. The relationship he has with Riggins, and Vince? And even stupid Jason Street? Ugh, what a guy.

(This is the only GIF that matters in the history of time btw.)


, Malcolm in the Middle

I mean, what a guy. He is not patient, calm, or sane — but he is somehow an incredible dad to three, and eventually four, sons. He is loud, often naked, and full of stressful ideas. Yet they all love him so.

Furious Styles

, Boyz ‘N the Hood

I mean, if you’ve never watched this movie, grab tissues and watch it. It is just as culturally and socially relevant today as it was in 1991 when it came out. Laurence Fishburne plays Furious, father to Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Tre. He is heartbreaking and powerful and very, very cool. Obviously, he is played by Fishburne after all.

Ricky Ricardo

, I Love Lucy

Though it’s almost like real life, because of the true marriage between Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, Ricky still counts as fictional. He and Lucy are together for a long time before they have the very creatively named “Little Ricky.” From the moment that Ricky finally understands that they are expecting, he is a phenomenal father, full of entertainment and support.

From me to you, my fictional dads, Happy Father’s Day!