Credit: TBS

It’s official: John Cleese and Eric Idle hate selfies. In fact, they hate them so much, they’ve actually written a song about it. The Monty Python stars were on Conan last week, and there shared their hilarious song. Eric Idle sings while John Cleese smiles manically, taking selfies upon selfies with Conan, Idle, and by himself.

While there’s an aspect of their distaste that’s probably generational, Cleese and Idle have a point. Selfies eat up time while fans get their phones ready. Plus selfies can sometimes be really dangerous. Disney even banned selfie sticks, though we’re guessing if the two Monty Python stars went to the Magic Kingdom, people would still ask them for selfies (And we can’t really blame them, TBH).

Apparently, after the show, fans who encounter the iconic comedy pair ask for selfies. Lots and lots of selfies.

Whether or not you still want to take selfies with celebrities if you encounter of them, the song is hilarious. Entitled, “F*** Selfies,” John Cleese calls it, “One from the heart.”

Despite John Cleese and Eric Idle’s song, we may still take selfies. However, we’ll probably hear “F*** Selfies,” in our heads every time.