The newest Bond movie, Spectre, may not be hitting theaters for another month, but it’s already generating a lot of buzz. First, there are the rumors that British singer Sam Smith is set to sing the theme song for this installment, following in the footsteps of Adele. Then, there’s the news that actress Monica Bellucci is playing the classic role of the “Bond Girl”—strike that, Bond Woman, as she prefers to be called, and there’s an awesome reason why.

It’s actually pretty simple. She’s not a “girl.” She spoke to The Guardian about how she prefers to be labeled:

Bellucci was a surprising pick in the Hollywood world. At 51 years, she’s the oldest love interest ever in the series. For some reason, this bothered people. Well, actually, Bellucci thinks she knows the reason:

Casting Bellucci in this role is a step in the right direction in fighting Hollywood ageism. I mean, just look at these charts. While men in Hollywood age, their female love interests generally stay the same. By the time the men are sixty? The women are at least twenty years behind.

This movie is unique in that Bellucci is actually older than Daniel Craig, who plays Bond. At 47, he’s four years younger than his love interest. Rather than invalidating the relationship, this actually gives Bellucci the power, and we can’t wait to see it all play out on screen. November 6th can’t come soon enough!