We love a good fan theory, especially when said theory makes our hearts melt into puddles of gushy love juice. And that’s exactly what Reddit user Senor_Schnarf has done to us with the sweetest Simpsons theory we’ve ever heard.

If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’re probably well aware of the running joke between Moe and Bart, where Bart prank calls Moe and Moe has no idea it’s Bart on the other end. Well Senor_Schnarf theorizes that Moe actually DOES know it’s Bart, but just plays along to make Bart happy, because he’s the sweetest man ever to exist in Springfield. Basically.

“Let’s begin by proposing how Moe might know the caller is Bart,” Senor_Schnarf wrote on Reddit. “Well, frankly, it’s easy. It’s always the same voice which calls and pranks him with ridiculously obvious setups (‘I’d like to speak to a Mr. Youcuddleme, first name, Will’). While very few people in Springfield are smart (even fewer when crayons get thrown into the mix…), the bar to hurdle this particular mental challenge is pretty low.”

There’s a specific scene that solidifies this fan theory.

“[Moe] is shown to know what Bart’s voice sounds like in some random episode whose exact spot in the series I can’t remember, where Bart goes to Moe’s with Homer, full of fear that Moe will recognize him and make good on his threats and flay him alive,” Senor_Schnarf wrote. “Upon entering, Moe says ‘I know that voice… It’s little bitty Bart Simpson!’ and picks him up to give him a hug. While people’s real life/phone voices aren’t EXACTLY the same, they’re generally similar enough that you can easily make out who’s who.”

We definitely agree with that statement. But why would Moe constantly put up with Bart’s pranks and childish antics?

“Because he’s a sad, lonely guy who loves children and always wanted a family of his own,” Senor_Schnarf wrote. “He’s even shown to be particularily drawn towards Homer’s family, as evidenced by his first name basis with all family members, and the special, uncharacteristically kind treatment he gives the children. He’s shown to be kind to Lisa, and in one episode developed an extremely strong atttachement to Maggie. It is not out to left field to think he may harbour similar sentiment towards Bart as well. Allowing Bart to make a fool of him is done in the same way parents will let their children play petty pranks on them, because Moe loves Bart and takes joy in his joy.”

If this theory is as legit as we hope it is, it paints Moe in a completely new, compassionate and super sad light. In reality (which obviously a cartoon isn’t, but that doesn’t matter), there are many ways for Moe to prove Bart is the culprit behind all the prank calls, but he never does. “He could *69 the number, he could go to the police, or he could just not honour any requests by the caller with Bart’s voice which he gets ALL THE TIME,” Senor_Schnarf noted. “But he chooses not to out of love for Bart, and possibly a loneliness so crippling he’s just happy to get a phone call of any sort.”

Even though the theory makes Moe seem pretty sad, it’s good to know that Bart and his family help bring him some joy. But of course as with most theories, fans are quick to poke holes.

“Some users have pointed my attention to a scene where Bart claims to be Jimbo and brings Moe’s wrath upon the house,” Senor_Schnarf added in an edit to his Reddit (sorry, couldn’t help it). “I think that it was probably just a one time joke and doesn’t debunk the theory, as the Simpsons only takes the rules of logic and reality as a loose guideline. Ex, how they can live in a mythical state with harbours, mountains, forests, etc. nearby, and border upon AK, OH, MA, and KY.”

Ah, yes. Good point. Either way, weird sold. Even if this theory is simply just a theory, we still love it and choose to believe it forever.

(Featured image via Twitter/FOX)