We are still blown away by the amazing Misty Copeland. As the first African-American principal dancer for the American Ballet Theater, she’s a total inspiration! And as it turns out, dancing isn’t the only talent Misty has — she’s a damn good teacher, too.

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel shared a special visit he and Guillermo had with Misty during a trip to New York. Clad in unitards and tutus, both of them committed 100% to a ballet lesson with the accomplished dancer, who did her best to walk them through the basics. She didn’t go easy on them — she had to get them ready for a performance that night!

After a grueling day at the studio, she joined them on stage to show off their new found ballet skills. While watching Jimmy and Guillermo do their best is, of course, hilarious, the really incredible thing is watching Misty practicing and on stage! Every move is nothing short of gorgeous!

(Image via Youtube)