Christina Pellegrini
July 30, 2016 11:51 am
Mike Windle/Getty Images

The hilarious YouTube star Miranda Sings decided that the world needed a DIY Snapchat filter tutorial. So she created an epic one and it is glorious.

Miranda (a character played by singer and comedian Colleen Ballinger) has her own Netflix series, Haters Back Off, which set to debut on October 14. But in the meantime, her life’s work consists of bringing Snapchat filters to everyone. And for that we are eternally grateful.

“Some people don’t have Snapchat in the world,” she explains. “I don’t think we should discriminate, everyone should be able to do it.”

She then proceeds to share some of the filters that are “all the rage” right now.

The first, “everyone’s favorite”, is the dog filter, which she recreates by pinning felt ears to her head and sticking her tongue out.

Miranda Sings/YouTube

Then she dons a flower crown. “It is a beauty,” she says. So true, girl.

Miranda Sings/YouTube

The next filter is “really fun and really easy”—the classic rainbow vomit. We think she totally nailed it.

Miranda Sings/YouTube

Of course, a Snapchat tutorial wouldn’t be complete without the frowny face filter, which can be achieved IRL by merely stretching the face.

Miranda Sings/YouTube

And finally, we have the fan-favorite breadface filter. Miranda struggled a little bit with her bread slice. But she emerged victorious.

Miranda Sings/YouTube

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Thanks for this, Miranda—we’re totally going to start creating our own Snapchat filters at home.