Minions may have left your Facebook feed (which — well, we’re happy about that) but they haven’t left the public eye. What can you say? People just can’t get enough of the cute little yellow guys, and pretty soon, a bunch of them will have a brand new home in Japan’s Universal Studios. The largest Minions-themed area is currently being planned there and it looks fantastic. Yes, we can get totally jealous about this, but our two parks in America do have a minion ride, which is something.

The park, located in Osaka, is hoping to have the project done by next year. Called Minion Park (because, of course) it’ll include a minion-themed 3D ride that features Gru and the gang, a toy store, a hotel, and a candy shop. So, it’s pretty much a pumped up version of what’s in America’s parks, with a bunch of add-ons.

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The minions have been part of our lives for quite some time. The original Despicable Me came out six years ago, in 2010. After a sequel, the Minions got their own movie — called Minions, of course — that was released last year. And because Minions pretty much killed it at the box office, a sequel is likely in the works. Nothing has been announced officially, but fans are almost positive that a 2018 release is in the cards.

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With the opening of this park next year, a sequel seems more and more likely. The world has minion fever, and there’s simply no cure.

If you find yourself in Osaka in the next few years, you’ll definitely have a destination to check out immediately. Just try not to spend too much travel cash in the gift shop — you’ll have to find a way to transport all of those adorable minion plushies home, you know.