The Office
Credit: NBC

Mindy Kaling gets to see her friend/old co-worker Ellie Kemper, so naturally she’s pretty excited about it. She tweeted a picture of the two of them wearing sequin skirts and Jetsons-like turtle necks from an episode of The Office.

“I get to see this one today,” she wrote. “We’re going to wear these outfits too I think.” false

If these outfits (and the pose) seem familiar to you Office fans, it’s because the throwback picture is from Kelly Kapoor and Erin Hannon’s girl group Sublte Sexuality’s “Male Prima Donna” music video! They’re like Beyoncé, but different.

The song was so catchy and popular, it became the Number One music video and Number Four song on iTunes, according to The Office Wikia. So now we can’t help but have “Male Prima Donna” on repeat, and it’s exactly what our Monday needed.