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We can’t believe that in just two month’s time we’ll have four feature length, brand new episodes of Gilmore Girls. We know that we’re gonna drinks LOADS of coffee, order too much takeout, brush up on our pop culture quips, and binge watch all four episodes back to back. We’re mentally and emotionally prepared to return to Stars Hollow…possibly.

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While we don’t know too much about about the Gilmore Girls revival, which comes to Netflix in November, we do know that each episode will be set during a specific season and that HEAPS of the original cast will be returning to the show.

And we DO know that both Dean, played by Jared Padalecki, and Jess, played by Milo Ventimiglia, will be returning to Stars Hollow to shake things up for Rory.

Now Milo Ventimiglia has been talking all things Jess and we’re not okay.

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Dropping by Collider to talk about his new show on NBC, This Is Us (which is great, btw), Milo also spilled the beans on what it was like to return to the character of Jess.

You might remember that the last time we saw Jess he was working at small independent publishers in Philadelphia after publishing his own debut short novel. Compared to where he was when he joined the show, he seemed pretty together.

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But what about in the upcoming revival?

Omg, this is SO cryptic.

Okay, so we now know that Jess is in all four (!) episodes. Eek!

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Continuing on his #TeamJess campaign, Milo told The Today Show that he thought the Jess would’ve made a great father and we need THAT to happen.

While we NEVER would have thought that when he was first introduced, we’re pretty sure we agree with Milo now.

We now can’t WAIT until the reboot starts! Right now we’re feeling very #TeamJess, but that could all change…

Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix on November 25th.

You can catch Milo’s new show, This Is Us, on NBC Tuesday’s 10/9c.