Credit: NBC

Basically everything that happens on Ellen’s show is pretty great, but the moment when super ridiculously fit Milo Ventimiglia did pushups with Ellen on his back might just be the most wonderful thing we’ve ever witnessed.

Why did they do this, you ask?

Okay, so they were recreating an emotional flashback scene from Ventimiglia’s hit show, This is Us, where in which his character did pushups with son Randall on his back (to show him how he’ll always be there for him, of course).

The recreation, however, was purely for our entertainment. And seriously, Ventimiglia is even stronger than he looks (and even though he wasn’t shirtless for this activity, we could imagine). Also, he’s 100% adorable and utterly charming, and even helped Ellen when she attempted pushups with him on her back. Essential viewing.

So much yes to this (also if Ventimiglia needs more practice, he knows where to find us).

Oh yeah, and he can ACT too!

We’re so glad that Ventimiglia is gracing our screens in This is Us, because we need regular doses of this dashing dreamboat.

And did we mention we’re kinda jealous of Ellen right now?