Brittany Boyd
November 26, 2016 9:01 am
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

In case you’ve managed to miss it, Netflix is BOOMING. From Black Mirror to Grace & Frankie and everything in between, Netflix is churning out fan favorites like some “I was glued to my couch for nine hours straight and didn’t mind” butter.

And if the constantly developing storylines and creative cinematography aren’t enough to pull you in, the cast of these shows are entertaining beyond belief.

In particular,  the predominantly preteen and teenage cast from Stranger Things has everyone redefining squad goals. Why? Becase they’re not only great actors, they also pull some hilarious antics. Millie Bobby Brown can throw down with some Nicki Minaj. And you better believe that the kids have some mind-blowing dance moves.

If you want to see more than her insane rapping skills, Millie’s Instagram is the place to be.

In one of her latest videos, she shares a Starbucks misadventure which features her dad.

Despite going to the wrong place at first, the pair made their way to Starbucks to get their caffeine fix for the day. But, being the eccentric soul that she is, Millie ordered for herself and her dad in the stylings of Adele.

Embarrassment aside (ahem — hiding in the back seat), we’re sure that Millie still enjoyed her drink!