Brittany Malooly
Updated Jul 25, 2016 @ 11:19 am
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Only about a month after announcing that her on-again-off-again romance with Liam Hemsworth is definitely back on, Miley has thrown us for a loop again. She recently posted a photo on Instagram showcasing a super cute and sparkly ring on her left ring finger, AKA the engagement/wedding finger. Are they officially engaged again?! We hope so! Either way, we LOVE this little ring.

Check it out (also, please note the Seth Rogen bathing suit):

So pretty!! We love how simple and modest it is (not that we don’t love her first engagement ring, too!).

Her fans were loving the ring as much as we were. One commented, “check out the ring! 💍”.

She posted this photo of Liam one week prior, reaffirming that everything is good between the pair. It’s a pic of Liam and an adorable pup with the caption, “So much love in one pic…. 🌹❤️😻”:

And a month before that she posted a photo of herself wearing a “Hemsworth” shirt:

We love your ring bling, Miley! And we love even more how happy you are! So much cuteness!