Candice Darden
Updated August 02, 2016

**Spoilers ahead!**

Most of us were introduced to 13-year-old Finn Wolfhard on Netflix’s summer hit, Stranger Things as the adorably mop-headed Mike Wheeler. Full of ’80s nostalgia and mysterious twists and turns, Stranger Things shows us a thoughtful and intelligent Mike who unfortunately has his fare share of ~trouble~ with bullies (and you know, supernatural monsters and stuff!).


But of course, Finn Wolfhard himself is pretty much the furthest thing from in trouble. In fact, he’s even more adorable IRL.

Look at this sweet, ’80s bowl cut-free head!

Here he is shredding on his guitar.

Finn talks about his favorite ’80s bands in an interview with Vulture. “Okay, I like the Clash. I like Tears for Fears. I like A-ha. Well, Guns N’ Roses, but that’s more of like an early ’90s thing — all those great bands.”

So Finn knows the classics and has great taste!

Enjoying Lake Ontario (while repping a Blue Jays at!).

Born in Vancouver, Finn is a Blue Jays fan.

Just having a ~chill~ movie night with friends.

Finn will also be appearing in a remake of Stephen King’s “It,” playing the role of Richie Tozier.

Giving us a behind-the-scenes peek into the “Stranger Things” process!

Bless him.

And eating at his favorite places in Toronto.

BRB, taking a trip to Kensington Market and recruiting Finn as my culinary guide.

No matter what project he’s working on, Finn Wolfhard is definitely the cool new star to watch.