Michelle Williams
Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty

Michelle Williams is one third of Destiny’s Child and for that reason alone she slays. Despite this incredible feat, there’s a mean meme that’s been circulating on the internet called “Poor Michelle,” which seems to poke fun at the singer. Not cool.

We mean, how could any poke fun at someone who created this absolute banger?

Michelle is one sassy woman, however, and had the most brilliant clapback at those calling her “poor.”



Now it seems to be continuing her knowing streak after appearing in an new commercial for Foot Locker.

The clip sees Draymond Green, current Golden State Warriors star, and retired basketball legend, Horace Grant, talking about learning how to stand out from the crowd.

Michelle then appears and STEALS THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW.


As she introduces herself, Draymond Green asks, “Hey, do you think you could introduce me to…” and like that Michelle swerves away.

Credit: Foot Locker


While we’re sure that Michelle loves Beyoncé (hey, she did appear during Bey’s iconic Superbowl Halftime show), it must get kinda annoying to constantly be asked about your ex-bandmate and BFF, especially when you’ve had a successful career, too.

What’s really cool is that she’s able to find the whole situation funny, and is even willing to have some fun at her own expense. That’s the sign of someone who has themselves totally together, right?

We’re totally going to start using this GIF, and perhaps even recreate Michelle’s exit eye roll when we’re asked anything awkward or untoward.

Keep on doing you, Queen Michelle Williams ❤️.

Credit: Oxygen