If there’s one person who could cure the world’s woes through dance, it’s Ellen DeGeneres. Now, if there are TWO people who could cure the world’s woes with dance, they’d be Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama. Well, you know what? Things are already looking up, because these two stellar ladies took time out of their very busy schedules to actually try to save the world by dancing to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” I think it worked.

In the Ellen episode that will air on Monday, the 16th — MARK YOUR CALENDARS — Mrs. Obama pays our favorite daytime talk show host a visit. She’s there to talk up her new awesome healthy lifestyle initiative, Gimme 5, which encourages all of us to get up and do five things a day to lead that healthy lifestyle. Tying into all of this, there’s going to be a Gimme 5 dance at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Cue dance break.

Ellen and The First Lady took to the floor, with a little help from the So You Think You Can Dance crew, to give that dance a go. A lot of warm and fuzzy emotions ensue. If you want to feel all those emotions too, play this video on repeat.

This is def not the first time we’ve seen FLOTUS bust a move. Remember her “Mom Dancing” on Jimmy Fallon? Or the time she danced with a turnip to promote healthy eating? Or when she slow danced with Big Bird? Or when she seriously melted our hearts dancing with kids on a trip to India with the president? FLOTUS can for real dance and we’re so glad she brought her moves over to Ellen.

Side note, Ellen and the First Lady, seem like they totally get along! Are they friends? Can we imagine that they are friends? Can we imagine a Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres ticket for 2016? Through their combined choreographed dance, the world would be a much better place.

Image via here.