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In a Facebook Live video Michael Phelps posted on October 27th, the Olympic swimmer revealed a secret: He and Nicole Johnson secretly got married earlier this summer.


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And now we know why it was kept under wraps, but here’s a bit of backstory first.

On June 13th, Michael and Nicole wed in Paradise Valley, Arizona, according to their marriage certificate, reported CNN. And, ICYMI, the couple had been engaged since February 2015 — and are ~super~ cute.

Also on June 13th, Nicole had posted this picture on Instagram, reported CNN — and perhaps the caption referred to the secret wedding?!

We’re impressed that it stayed a secret so long, amirite?!

But why the secrecy?!

We. Are. Intrigued. And we also get it. Think about it: Michael’s in the public eye all the time, so why not keep certain things private? Well, private for as long as possible anyway.

To confuse us even more, or perhaps to throw us off track (!), Michael talked about marriage back in August to People.

Hmmm. So will there be another, more formal wedding?!

Michael! Tell us more! (Though we know that secret would probably be harder to keep!)

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Of course, we are ~huge~ fans of Baby #1, Boomer, who was born in May of this year. ICYMI, he even has his own Instagram account — and is up to 756,000 followers as of rn. And if you’re not following it, you’re missing out on a boatload of cuteness.

Could he be any cuter?!

And it looks like being athletic may run in the family.

It also looks like he’s all set for Halloween.


And you can check out the Facebook Live video and hear the Michael-Phelps-is-already-married news for yourself here. You may also want to read the comments — maybe you’ll even discover more explanations from Phelps!