Sammy Nickalls
April 18, 2016 4:50 am

Last week, we were a *little* concerned about a particular singer who doesn’t appear to know how to eat a particular snack. An image went totally viral of Michael Bublé chompin’ down on corn on the cob like it’s a popsicle, and naturally, the Internet Photoshopped it to oblivion, because that’s what the Internet does.

According to Eater, Michael gave up on this . . . creative . . .  eating style pretty quickly and tossed his corn cob in the trash. But he’s still got somethin’ to say for his corn haters! The singer took to social media on Friday to highlight his views on the Corn Controversy of 2016, and we’re LOL-ing.

“This is vegetable harassment !!! [sic],” Michael tweeted. “What I do with my Cobb is nobody’s business. #mesocorny #paparazzi #shuckme”

Oh, Michael. Paparazzi snapped the photo while Michael was at Disneyland with a pal, so that may explain why he wasn’t expecting to be photographed. But we’d still like an answer to a simple question. . . why, Michael, why?