Briana Hansen
September 01, 2016 4:30 pm

This 19-year-old domino artist from Kentucky has just seriously wowed us with some incredibly artistic (and surprisingly mesmerizing) domino skills. The YouTuber calls himself “TheDominoKing,” which is a perfect title for his absolutely unparalleled domino prowess.

His latest video is just about five minute long and features over 80,000 Mario-themed vignettes created in dominos and enhanced by their falling.

It’s truly something you need to see to believe.


Set to perfect Nintendo Mario-style music, this constant domino waterfall took over a month to create.


The creativity it takes to set up and deliver something so impressive is seriously mind-blowing. The intricate set ups for each of the scenes combined with the careful way they look both before the fall and after takes a level of patience and foresight most humans don’t possess.

So many levels and worlds of the classic Mario game are represented in these totally hypnotizing scenes.

Even the way the dominos fall adds a sense of drama to an already enthralling video.


This isn’t the first time TheDominoKing has created some absolutely fascinating domino scenes. He’s got videos for various PokémonStar Wars, and tons of other awesome themes.

And while they’re all completely entrancing to watch, this Mario video in particular used 81,032 dominos and is one of his biggest undertakings yet.


Watch the whole thing for yourself and prepare to see Mario and his friends like you never have before.