Shaunna Murphy
Updated Nov 14, 2017 @ 4:25 pm

The Eleventh Doctor always said they were cool, but he rarely mentioned that they’re not always the easiest fashion accessory to actually wear.

Neither actor won shiny trophies in their respective categories — Streep, nominated for Florence Foster Jenkins, lost to Emma Stone, while Gosling lost to Denzel Washington from Fences — but they still seemed to have a blast at the ceremony, cheering for their friends and costars (Streep’s pal Viola Davis won for Fences, too).

But we’re going to go ahead and guess that Gosling’s best moment of the night came when Streep fixed his crooked bow tie because like, c’mon, wouldn’t that be your best moment of the night, too? false

This moment is made even more adorable by the fact that we all recently learned how much Streep means to Gosling’s family, particularly his mother. During an interview on The Graham Norton Show a couple of weeks back, Gosling revealed that, at the 2007 Academy Awards, his mom-slash-date was embarrassed when she rocked a beehive to the ceremony, only to quickly discover that natural hair was the look of the night.

Being a great son, Gosling low-key asked Streep, who was seated next to him, to compliment his mom’s ‘do.

“And she was like, ‘I got this,’” Gosling recalled with a laugh. “And then the commercial went and she goes, ‘Do you know, I was gonna do a beehive and I wish I had.’ And my mom was like, raise the roof all night.”

All hail Meryl Streep, Patron Saint of the Gosling family since 2007. We don’t know how they’d survive without you.