Rebecca Vineyard
Updated Jul 28, 2015 @ 8:15 am

Just when it seems that Melissa McCarthy is plenty busy filming a hotly anticipated upcoming reboot, starring in comedy’s answer to a James Bond flick, and signing on for another season of her CBS series, she appears to be at it again: McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone are teaming up with an unlikely partner to bring the world even more sidesplitting goodness.

The comedy power couple, most notably seen together in Bridesmaids as the frank and hilarious Megan and her unlikely beau Air Marshall John, will executive produce a new series for TV Land. Currently titled Friends with Melissa, the show centers on three of McCarthy and Falcone’s actual friends: Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf, and Rachel Ramras, whom the couple know from the celebrated L.A. comedy group The Groundlings.

Inspired by the lives of Davidson, Dorf, and Ramras, the series follows the writers, who work in children’s television, as they deal with the fact that many of their former Groundlings cohorts are becoming wildly successful in Hollywood. The trio must learn to maintain relationships with these friends while watching them receive Academy Award nominations and star in blockbuster films.

To put the writers’ situation into perspective, some of The Groundlings alums include Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, and Jack Black—all of whom have become giants in the world of comedy.

Davidson, Dorf, and Ramras’ real life Hollywood-conquering friends surely include McCarthy herself, whose career has skyrocketed since that breakout role in Bridesmaids. In addition to her position as executive producer, the Emmy winner and Academy Award nominee is slated to appear in the new show’s pilot.

Partnering with McCarthy and Falcone is another move by TV Land to continue their initiative of re-branding in the hopes of appealing to a younger audience. The network has shifted its focus from simply airing reruns of television classics to creating original comedic content, including The Jim Gaffigan Show.

TV Land’s Executive V.P. of Development Keith Cox calls the new programming, and Friends with Melissa “innovative, engaging, and challenging.” However, those who have followed McCarthy’s career don’t need convincing: they know most of what she touches turns to comedy gold.

We also just love that McCarthy is using her clout to support her very talented besties. She continues to be, well, the best.

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