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Updated Jun 16, 2016 @ 1:02 pm
carice van houten
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Popular burner of children, Melisandre is a polarizing character on Game of Thrones. On the one hand, we could ~never~ forgive her for spearheading Shireen’s fiery death. But on the other, we totally love her for bringing back Jon Snow. UGH, WE ARE TORN.

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But the one thing we CANNOT deny is that it turns out Carice van Houten (IRL Melisandre) has a beautiful singing voice, too!

Check out this video of her singing with Dutch musician Michael Prins.

Her voice is CRAZY good, and totally haunting…

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And she sounds even MORE amazing live!

Here’s a video of her singing a mystical tune called “Siren of the Sea” from her own album See You on the Ice for the British show Thronecast.

Channeling some George R. R. Martin with that cute hat, Carice! I SEE YOU!

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And, because it’s seriously bad-ass, you have to take a look at her album cover, too.

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Looooooving it all, Carice. Never Stop!

Now, if we can just figure out a way for Melisandre to get back into the action on Thrones…

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