Sophia Elias
January 14, 2015 6:00 am

New girl on the block Meghan Trainor ascended the music charts in the blink of an eye. With hits like “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin’,” the young songstress has finished the pop scene’s doo-wop revolution started by Amy Winehouse. At long last, her major label debut, Title, dropped Tuesday, and there’s no shortage of catchy tunes to keep your hips in motion. Title infuses all of that ’60’s goodness with a 2015 sheen .  . . the same way a 1960’s hairdo would be held together by, say, BigSexyHair hairspray. Let’s examine a few single-worthy songs from the album, shall we?

Our collaboration favorite: “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” featuring John Legend

Every album deserves an old school love ballad, wouldn’t you agree? Though a bit slower than most tracks on the album, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” still maintains that sing-along quality Title boasts on so many of its tracks. Not to mention, John Legend infuses this song with an oh-so-gorgeous depth, which compliments Meghan’s voice perfectly.

Our catchy favorite: “Bang Dem Sticks

“Bang Dem Sticks” is kinda like the Meghan Trainor-ized sequel to Destiny Child’s drumline-heavy anthem, “Lose My Breath.” Between the big horns and Trainor’s bits of rapping (she pulls it off well, too!), you’ll find yourself reliving some of those ’04 Gwen Stefani feels. Aside from the song’s catchy, unapologetic chorus, it’s a cheeky ode to drummers everywhere. Hey — drummers are easily lovable (e.g. Dave Grohl)!

Our love song favorite: “What If I

“What If I” is a beautiful, melodic departure from the pop-heavy anthems on Title. The song actually borrowed the string arrangement from Skyliners’ 1959 hit, “Since I Don’t Have You.” The sweet love song showcases Meghan’s incredible vocal range, and should most definitely be added to your slow dance playlist . . . you know, if you have one.

In such short time, Meghan has become a Top 40 staple with proven staying potential. With so many musical influences on this album, we can’t wait to see what direction she’ll take with her future songs. But for now, we’re happy grooving to these goodies.

Have any of you guys picked up the album yet? Let us know your favorite tunes!