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Will & Grace fans, unite! The show did something that we wish all shows from the ’90s and ’00s would do, and had an in-character reunion. The video was shot not just for the nostalgia factor, but to promote the upcoming election. If you couldn’t tell by now, this is an important one. In case you missed it, here’s the amazing scene that Megan Mullally, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and Eric McCormack put together.

To summarize: Grace is pro-Clinton, Karen is pro-Trump, and Jack is an undecided Pennsylvania voter. It’s funny, endearing, smart, and proves that these actors totally haven’t aged that much.

Judging by the video, we can see this perfectly. There’s no hesitation, no over-acting, and a lot of love on that set!

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Speaking of the set, Mullally was incredibly surprised that it looked almost identical to the set they used over a decade ago.

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And of course, the whole thing came together based on just one (hilarious) idea.

Who knew that one idea could get things moving? It’s amazing that the fabulous foursome was able to reunite, and help promote the vote. More reunions in the future, please.