Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 28, 2016 @ 3:44 pm
Credit: Fox

The loft is getting very crowded very quickly. We’ve got newlyweds Schmidt and Cece. We’ve also got new couple Winston and Aly (and don’t you dare forget Winston and Ferguson, together forever). If that’s not enough romance for you, love is in the air between Nick and Reagan. Will it still be around when Season 6 of New Girl kicks off in the fall? YOU BET.

And that means Jess is like the what, the 5th wheel now? We’ve all been there.

According to TVLine, Megan Fox has signed on to reprise her role as the ~very cool~ Reagan for New Girl’s upcoming season. This means that, probably, Nick and Reagan are still going strong. Season 5 ended with — and wait, you’re caught up on New Girl, right? — Jess realizing that YES, she still has feelings for Nick. Nick, meanwhile, is really caught up in Reagan’s cool girl allure, and decides to spend the summer with her in New Orleans.

Also, Reagan isn’t coming back for just one or two episodes. Right now, it looks like she’s coming back for EIGHT episodes, which is almost half the season! Wow, Nick and Reagan must really be hitting it off, huh? Might she actually become a permanent loft resident? How big IS that place, anyway?

And this is when our heart starts to break for dear, sweet Jessica Day. Will she ever catch a break in the love department? Or is she destined to be the third/fourth/fifth wheel forever?

Credit: Fox

TVLine is saying that Reagan won’t actually show up until midseason, so that means Jess has plenty of time to work things out with Nick. Hopefully they do, because, as always the chemistry between them is 🔥🔥🔥.