Erin Mallory Long
Updated Jul 02, 2014 @ 11:56 am

I love Frozen. I mean, I’m not making lip-synch videos in my car or getting any tattoos or anything, but I quite enjoyed the newest addition to my Disney animation obsession. So when it was announced they were adding the Frozen characters into ABC’s Once Upon a Time I was hesitant. It’s difficult to translate the feelings of a voice-over performance into what will now be a live-action performance but that’s what Once Upon a Time has been doing for three seasons now.

All we’ve seen so far is this teaser featuring Elsa (who has yet to be officially cast) and just check it out, it’s pretty incredible.

With the fourth season upon us (well, relatively soon!), it was just announced that the roles of Anna and Kristoff have been cast!

Anna will be played by newcomer (her IMDb page lists two roles) Elizabeth Lail. Obviously, I adore Kristen Bell and her performance in the movie, so it’s very difficult to judge how Ms. Lail will approach the role. I think she definitely looks the part and as long as she keeps Anna’s spark, I think this could all be really fun.

Looks-wise I really enjoy Scott Michael Foster (from Greek!) as Kristoff. He’s the perfect kind of dopey-looking (I mean that in a good way) but still charming guy. I could also totally see him sparring with Anna. According to TVLine, the arc will pick up where the movie left off, so Anna and Kristoff should already be together at the start of the show. Still, that leaves a lot of open-ended questions regarding Elsa’s control over her powers. The clip seems vaguely sinister but obviously we know from the end of Frozen, she harnessed her powers, so what gives? And more importantly who do you think will play Elsa? (Seriously, tell me.)

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