Mean girls. Ah, you have them in every school. No matter how hard you try, mean girls will always show up in your life. Up until about a year ago, I thought mean girls didn’t exist. Everyone is nice and friendly and life is just rainbows and butterflies. I watched the movie Mean Girls and I thought, “This is just a movie, there can’t be girls like that.” Then I came to middle school and got exposed to pre – Regina Georges.

So, I have this friend. She’s one of my best friends. She’s really sweet and would never try to hurt someone. Anyway, since September she has liked this guy, who chose to ask out the sweet girl’s good friend, who’s not as sweet. After some time, the guy breaks up with her because he’s started to have feelings for my friend. So, he asks her out and she says yes, because she’s had a crush on him. Then she asks her good friend, “Is this okay with you?” The girl says, “Yeah, I’m over him. Go for it.” So she does.

Then, a DAY later, the ex-girlfriend posts a nasty thing on Instagram, calling my friend a bitch. The ex-girlfriend is popular, so now she’s telling all her friends to hate on my friend. Can you imagine everyone turning their back on you? All because one girl was determined to ruin another girl’s life? Sure, I guess I wouldn’t be thrilled to find out that my boyfriend liked my other friend, but still. Is it necessary for you and all your friends to be horribly mean to an individual?

I bet this story has happened more than once, and a girl’s mean side can come out. I’m not sure why some people choose to be terrible to other girls. They maybe want to seem cool to friends or boys, or just want a little attention – call people names, physically and emotionally abuse them and do everything in their power to rise to the top of the social food chain. This doesn’t just happen in school, either. Even adults go through this, too. Ask my mom, she’s told me a thousand times. When there’s a mean girl, don’t be a bystander. Don’t follow them or sink to their level. Forget about them and find the real friends who will stand by you.