Kit Steinkellner
Updated May 02, 2015 9:57 am

Matt LeBlanc is always down to poke a little fun at himself. I mean, come on, he won a Golden Globe for playing a ridiculous fictionalized “Matt LeBlanc” for Showtime’s “Episodes,” the dude rules at good-naturedly joking about himself.

LeBlanc was a great sport again last night on “The Graham Norton” show. He shared the guest couch with Rebel Wilson who, as Norton pointed out, wasn’t the only singer there. Norton brings up LeBlanc’s musical past, and LeBlanc recalls that yes, Joey was in the musical “Freud!” in Season 1, and after being egged on by Norton and Rebel (“Do it, do it!”), LeBlanc obliged us with a verse. Then Norton asked LeBlanc to sing the “casino hands double” song from later in the series, and LeBlanc, of course, came through like a champ.

For the awesomest of trips down “Friends” memory lane, check out the video below:

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