We’re all about Marvel’s new female-driven comic

It seems like Marvel’s been doing everything right lately – from their announcement of an all-female Avengers team joining the rotation to their celebration of Women’s History Month in an event dubbed “Women of Marvel,” which highlighted covers drawn by female artists. Now, we’ve got even more great news in development from their side of the comic world.

In 2012, Carol Danvers (who had previously been known to fans as Ms. Marvel) assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel, a title predominantly attached to male superheroes. It wasn’t the first time that a woman had taken on a role that had featured mostly men in past issues – there’s even been a female Thor since last July – but the fan response to Carol as Captain Marvel was electric, garnering interest among die-hard comic readers as well as people who were brand-new to the Marvel franchise. They even coined a term for themselves – the “Carol Corps”.

Now, the fans are going to be an official part of the comics – sort of. In a new reboot series entitled Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps, Carol Danvers joins up with a group of all-women fighter pilots, where she has to wrestle through her own identity as the only powered human in the team. Some members will be returning faces from a group called the Banshee Squadron, but co-writers Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson are also taking strides to be more purposeful in representing the diversity among their fans in the new characters they’re adding to the Carol Corps.

It’s all part of a movement across Marvel Comics – to represent voices that may not have been primarily heard before and to reflect the kind of cultural variety that populates the fan base. “It’s really meant to be a celebration of all of the women, and not even just women, all of the fans who flock towards Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers, who are really saluting her while they’re reading about her at the same time,” said series editor Sana Amanat, who is also Marvel’s director of content and cultural development, in an interview with Fast Company.

We definitely like the direction Marvel is taking – it’s a positive one for the comics industry. And this isn’t going to be the last you’ll see from Carol Danvers – she’s going to be taking charge on the silver screen in 2018. But first, take a look at these preview sketches, via Fast Company, of our future comic book heroines:

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