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Yesterday was the day that we had all been waiting for since, well, 1985. It was Back To The Future Day, the day in Back to the Future 2 to which Doc and Marty time travel. In the film, October 21st, 2015 was a crazy world of flying cars and hoverboards. In real life, well, suffice to say that Doc and Marty were a bit surprised when they arrived. And arrive they did, onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel in none other than the DeLorean that started it all so many years ago.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprised their roles, emerging out of the car and onto the set. “Great Scott!” Doc, of course, exclaimed, upon seeing the audience and the new future around him. Jimmy Kimmel steps in to explain that things didn’t exactly turn out like they did in the movies.

For instance, there aren’t any flying cars, and our hoverboards aren’t actually hoverboards. Doc and Marty reasonably wonder if anything has changed since 1985. Jimmy thinks for a while and remembers the Cronut, but for some reason they aren’t impressed.

They are, however, impressed by smartphones, which is arguably the biggest part of living in 2015. Phones are no longer communication devices, but extensions of ourselves, capable of texting and selfies and, yes, Doc, probably physics equations, but nobody really uses them for that.

Confused and disappointed, Doc heads back to 1985 to see if he can figure what went wrong between then and now, but Marty hangs back to sit down with Jimmy. You know what, if 2015 is a time when fun stunts like this can happen, then I don’t think we’re doing so bad.

(Image via YouTube)