Bridey Heing
March 04, 2015 8:03 am

Get those tissues ready because it is time for your morning cry. Ten-year-old Christopher Warner says he is Adam Levine and Maroon 5’s number one fan — specifically Adam’s. At school, Christopher completes his work every single day in order to get the reward of listening to his favorite Maroon 5 tunes, he also draws pictures of the band and has memorized all the lyrics and videos. Christopher also has Down syndrome.

Well Christopher got the biggest treat ever earlier this week when the band invited him — along with his parents and some teachers — to meet them backstage at their Monday night concert. How did Christopher and the band meet up? That’s all thanks to Christopher’s teachers who made a pretty amazing video of Christopher ensconced in his Maroon 5 world; the teachers thanks Adam and the band for having such an important impact on such a great kid. Thanks to a local radio station, Maroon 5 saw the heartwarming vid and the rest is history.

But when the time actually came for Christopher to meet the band, he got understandably anxious, had a full-on panic attack and lay down on the floor to try and hide. So what did Maroon 5 do?

They got down on the floor to hang out with Christopher and help him feel at ease, of course!

Who wouldn’t love a chance to lay around with their favorite band? Way to go, guys!

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