Teri Wilson
December 19, 2015 5:04 am

Earlier this week, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that his household is pretty pumped about Star Wars: The Force Awakens when he posted an epic photo of his baby daughter, Max, dressed in a Jedi robe while posing beside a green light saber. The post was his latest in a round of adorbs photos of baby Max that have us wondering if Zuckerberg might just out-dad every other photo-sharing dad on social media. (That diaper changing photo…I mean, come on. #dadgoals)

But Zuckerberg’s dog wants everyone to know that he’s not about to be upstaged by the likes of a tiny infant. He, too, is a Star Wars fan, and lack of opposable thumbs aside, he can wield a light saber with the best of them. Zuckerberg posted a pic of Beast in full-on Sith mode yesterday and captioned it, “Meanwhile, Beast turned to the dark side.”

The post was an instant hit on Facebook, racking up over 315,000 likes and 3,350 shares in under twelve hours. Impressive, for sure. But it’s the comments that are making our droid-loving hearts explode. Zuckerberg himself left two of them, one in which he explained that it only took two chicken treats to get Beast into his Jedi robe, and another that simply said, “There is still good in him. I feel it.” (We feel it too, Beast. We totally do.)

And guys, guess what happened next?! Commenters started posting pics of their own pets turning to the dark side, and the dark side has never looked so adorable. Just saying.

[Image via Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.]